Braintree & District Philatelic Society

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Braintree & District Philatelic Society
Archer Community Centre
28 - 32 East Street

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Braintree & District Philatelic Society Programme 2018

09/01/2018       Think of a number (All Members)
23/01/2018       Two members display
13/02/2018       Sudbury PS visit
27/02/2018       Anything goes (All Members)
13/03/2018       GB Revenues by Mr E Hitchings
27/03/2018       An Evenings Entertainment by Mr I Kelly
10/04/2018       South West Africa by Mr D Gottessman
20/04/2018       Braintree PS visit to Colchester PS
24/04/2018       QV Canada by Mr D Armitage
08/05/2018       Competitions & Chairman's Cup
09/05/2018       Awaiting New Programme
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