Why Join a stamp Club

If you collect stamps then you can’t afford not to be a member of a stamp club! Stamp clubs provide their members with the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and to share information about their hobby. They are also a great source of stamps for your collection.

Many collectors hesitate before visiting a stamp club because they may regard themselves as ‘only beginners’ or for other reasons. Don’t think this way. We were all beginners once. Join a club today and you will never look back. Stamp clubs are full of people from all walks of life who, just like you, enjoy collecting stamps.

All members of stamp clubs were beginners at one time and most are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. This knowledge will more than compensate for the cost of being a member.

The members of stamp clubs cover the full spectrum of stamp collectors, from those who collect new issues, to those who have only very limited stamp budgets through to those who exhibit at national exhibitions. All value the benefits of their memberships in their stamp club and the friendships and contacts it brings.

What can a Stamp Club provide?


Most stamp clubs offer an opportunity to obtain stamps at reasonable prices through their exchange books, society stamp auctions, stamp fairs and exhibitions.

Exchange Books

Most clubs have exchange books which contain stamps which members of the club are seeking to sell. Many collectors join stamp clubs primarily for access to the exchange books which enable them to sell their duplicate stamps as well as to buy stamps at reasonable prices. Best of all, many clubs allow you to look at these exchange books in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Costs of being a member

One of the great benefits of being a member of a stamp club is that it costs so little. Even the most expensive club or society cost less than a £1 a week, with most costing considerably less. The savings you will make on stamps, books and accessories will more than repay the cost of joining a stamp club.