AEPS has produced a number of publications and bulk-buys philatelic materials for sale to members.  It also holds stocks of items published by member societies or individuals on a commission or sale-or-return basis.  

The proceeds from these sales help provide the funds necessary to enable AEPS to fulfil its objectives to promote the hobby of philately in Essex. Note:  These prices are correct at time of going to press.  Actual prices are subject to adjustment as new stocks are purchased.

AEPS Sales items are available on the AEPS Sales table at AEPS Council meetings, AEPS Stamp Days and Autumn Rallies, or by post.  Items marked * can be obtained from Mr How.  All other items can be obtained from Mr Stanway. 


Philately in Essex.
Three volumes available by email free on request.Contains details of present rules and guidance, past history and a catalogue of philatelic souvenirs issued since 1944. 

AEPS History
 by R D Lee (1986). A brief illustrated history of the first 40 years of the AEPS.  16-page paperback.  ISBN 978-0-9511700-1-4. £2.00 each  (P&P £2).      

Mails Under London  by L C Stanway (2000).  The history of the carriage of mails by rail under the streets of London by the Pneumatic Despatch Company, the Post Office Railway and by the London Underground companies.  
Includes details of stamps and other philatelic material.  56 pages, 17 plates, line diagrams of rolling stock.  Paperback ISBN 978-0-9535398-1-9. £9.50  (P&P £3).       


Stamp Wallets: Black plastic with stamp mounting card insert and gold-blocked AEPS logo. £1.00 each

Bookmark: Basildon 2004 commemorative, leather-effect bookmark.  Gold-blocked, available in black, red, lake, green or blue. £1.00 each

The following items are unsuitable for posting and subject to availability. They can be pre-ordered from Mr How and collected at AEPS Council meetings or Stamp Days or by arrangement.  Prices will depend on latest supplier price movements:

Album page covers. Venus Protectors Light Duty Plastic.
                                  290mm x 275mm  (50 covers).

Gummed Corners.   Herma Transparol large self-adhesive corner
                                 mounts (100 pieces).

Storage boxes.         Stout cardboard. 330mm x 320mm x 75mm.
                                 Postal History size.


AEPS Woven Tie
        (Maroon/Gold). £7.50 (P&P £1)
AEPS Lapel Badge    
Full-colour AEPS emblem in shield-shaped gold- effect
pin mount £1.50 (P&P 50p)

AEPS Tie Clip
Full-colour AEPS emblem in circular gold-effect mount on gold -effect     bar clip. (Limited number only) £5 (P&P 50p)

AEPS Cuff Links       
Full-colour AEPS emblem in circular mount on rigid bar-type cuff
links. £7.50 (P&P 50p)


(Postage and packing £1 per order unless otherwise stated - All items subject unsold)

49.2       Maldon Paquebot card - serviced £2
57.2       1982 Basildon Pitsea postcards - mint £1
72.2       1990 Sudbury Stamp Day cover and postmark card - mint £1
80.2       1994 AEPS cover - mint £0.25
80.12     1994 AEPS cover - single stamp - postbus cachet £2
80.13     1994 AEPS cover - single stamp - postbus cachet £2
80.14     1994 AEPS cover - single stamp - postbus cachet £2
80.15     1994 AEPS cover - single stamp - postbus cachet £2
80.16     1994 AEPS cover - single stamp - postbus cachet £2
85.1       1996 Sudbury Stamp Day cover and postmark card - mint £1
104.10   Basildon 2004 cover Day 1 (Smilers stamp) £2
104.11   Basildon 2004 cover Day 2 (Smilers stamp) £2
115.5-7  Colchester 2010 sheet (Smilers stamps) £20 (P&P £3)
Bn3.1     1989 Basildon Laindon postcards - mint £1
Bn3.2     1989 Basildon Laindon postcards - serviced £2
Bn4.1     1990 Basildon Vange postcards - mint £1
Cr3.1     1983 Colchester Postcard 4 - mint £1
Fd1.1     1973 Ford cover - serviced £2
Sy2.1     1977 Sudbury Gainsborough cover - serviced £2

Other items listed in the catalogue (sections H1-H2) may be obtainable on request. 
The AEPS will be pleased to accept covers, etc., from events run by member societies for sale on their behalf on the AEPS table as above, either as a donation or on a sale or return basis.  No commission will be charged.  Donations of any material for sale for AEPS funds would also be welcome.